Sky Highlights: Add A Chimney Rock Tour to Your Vacation in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Chimney Rock National Monument night sky program

View the heavens as the ancients once did with a nighttime tour at Chimney Rock National Monument near Pagosa Springs.

It’s hard to miss Chimney Rock National Monument when you visit Pagosa Springs, Colorado; the rock formations look like two massive stone chimney stacks. Located just west of town off Highway 160, the rock outcropping is an iconic landmark – as much a gathering place today as it was a thousand years ago when the Ancestral Puebloans lived in the area.

In addition to regular guided tours that take visitors back in time along the Great Kiva and Pueblo Trails, Chimney Rock also offers educational programs that direct the eye upwards to the sky, moon and galaxies. It’s the perfect place for stargazing. From the base, the hike to the top is just a half mile. At the summit, unimpeded 360-degree views extend past Colorado into New Mexico. Chimney Rock is also miles from town and far away from light pollution, making the night views a dazzling sight indeed.

To see the celestial landscape in a new light, join one of the Chimney Rock Special Program Tours. Reservations are highly recommended as dates are limited and tours book up quickly, especially for seasonal events.

·         Full Moon (June 9, July 8, August 7, September 6, October 5)

·         Early Full Moon (June 9, July 8, August 7, September 6, October 5)

·         Night Sky: Stars & Galaxies (May 19, June 16, July 21, August 18, September 22)

·         Night Sky: Our Solar System (June 2 & 30, July 28, September 1)

·         Summer Solstice Sunrise (June 21)

·         Autumnal Equinox (September 22)

·         Partial Eclipse of the Sun (August 21)

·         Major Lunar Standstill (the next one will occur in 2021!)

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